pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
114,494 miles
Total Complaints:
47 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (23 reports)
  2. Recall (9 reports)
  3. replace steering assembly (8 reports)
  4. replaced steering rack (7 reports)
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problem #47

May 172015

Fusion 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

So I'm seeing the same problem complained about on this site for my power steering problem. I would think Ford would have had a recall on this issue. I am a single mother with hardly any income. I am sick about the cost to fix my car. I called Ford Corporate and spoke to someone about his issue and asked if there were any recalls. They told me "no" of course. However, he did tell me that I did the right thing to call corporate because if enough people call them, this is how they decide if a recall needs to be granted.

PLEASE, if you have complained on this site about this issue with your power steering issue, call corporate 1-800-392-3673 and voice your concern. This could help ALL OF US. As long as you have proof that you paid to have this fixed, it doesn't matter how long ago. Ford would most like reimburse you. Please take the time and call the above number and report your situation. They need to hear our concerns so they can fix this problem before others have the same issue. I cannot afford to pay this and I am so beside myself as to how I will get my car fixed. Nobody has $2,000 to just hand over to Ford. Well maybe some do but I don't. Thanks people, I appreciate your efforts to get this situation under control...please call NOW.

- , Buffalo, MN, USA

problem #46

Jun 182014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,000 miles

While backing up, my Fusion steering will lock and a power steering failure message will come up. I have to put the car back in park and then turn it off and start over. Typically, this is only required once but, of course, the day I was going to pick up my daughter to take her to the Emergency Room at 4 a.m., it locked up TWICE! Scary! If this happens while I'm going forward! Keep waiting for the recall!

- , Bloomington, IL, USA

problem #45

Jun 292015

Fusion SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,500 miles

Yesterday, about 5:45 pm, which is rush hour traffic in Dallas, Texas, I was driving 70 mph down George Bush Tollway when without any warning, the power steering went out on my 2011 Ford Fusion. The traction control icon lit up on the dashboard and the dashboard read Power Steering Assist Faulty. I had no idea what had happened or why this was happening. I was able to get off the tollway without injury to myself or the other drivers around me and pull into a parking lot.

I called my husband who advised to turn the car off and back on, which I did, and the lights were off and the power steering was back. This car with this problem is a DANGER to everyone on the road. It happens with NO WARNING!! I cannot imagine if an inexperienced driver or an elderly person had this happen to them. It was next to impossible to steer the car. By the grace of God, I was extremely fortunate. I cannot believe Ford has not immediately recalled this.

This car is a ROAD HAZARD and a murder waiting to happen. Ford Motor Company, you must RECALL this immediately before someone is killed, if they haven't been already. My husband took the car this morning to North Central Ford in Richardson, Texas, where I purchased the car. We have yet to see if they will fix it with no cost to me or what the actual fix will be or how long they will have the car. The biggest problem is that I have lost my trust in my car, which I depend on to keep my family safe, and I have lost my trust in Ford Motor Company.

- , Allen, TX, USA

problem #44

Jun 292015

Fusion SE 2.5L L4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 89,000 miles

Went over too a buddy's house then went leave and could hardly turn the wheel. A warning light came on saying service advanced trac and service power steering so I turned the car off and went and got my buddy, who tried to drive it and had the same problem. Still doesn't work. Had to borrow his other car so I could make it home. From the sounds of things on here, its going to be more than I can afford. So either Ford does there job right and fix this damn thing or I'm switching auto makers

- , Depauw, IN, USA

problem #43

Oct 222014

Fusion SEL 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 71,595 miles

On 10/22/2014 my wife was driving home from Halifax and felt it very difficult to steer on the highway so she reduced speed to a slow pace and had difficulty turning into the driveway. I took the vehicle to the local garage to determine the problem. They did not have the required testing equipment to find the code problem, so advised I take it to the dealer Fairly and Stevens. They could not diagnose the problem so they had to contact Ford Motor company who advised what to do.

The cost to us was cdn $1,113.83. The next day I contacted Ford about the safety of the problem and suggested it should be covered by warranty or a recall since it was a known fact that Ford had a problem with the steering.This just caused more grief and frustration with a fear that something would reoccur. The person I talked to said to keep the receipt as there may be a recall. I am completely disgusted with the Ford Motor company and the local dealer Fairly and Stevens that I have told the dealer I will never purchase another Ford. All I received from the reception was that I am sorry but nothing from the owners or mechanical staff. Good bye Ford

- , Middle Sackville, NS, Canada

problem #42

May 252015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

My husband went to drive his car home and the steering wheel would not turn. A warning light came on indication power steering failure. He turn the car off then on again and it reset, allowing him to drive home. This happens repeatedly on a daily basis. This car is barely 4 years old, very well taken care of and is still being paid for. It's extremely disappointing that this seems to be a known failure that FORD has actually recalled on other vehicles but not the Fusion. Having your power steering go out while driving is lethal. Someone will get killed by an accident with this failure. I really don't appreciate having to fork out almost 2k to get this fixed.

- , Sanger, TX, USA

problem #41

Mar 162015

Fusion SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,608 miles

The power steering rack went out on my 2011 Ford Fusion. I could not drive it while being fixed which was a pain, but I did get a loner vehicle to use for the gas used while being fixed. I paid to have the vehicle towed to the Ford garage. It sat for the weekend. After the diagnosis I had to come into town (17 miles) to pay for the part before it would be ordered. The problem occurred on a Thursday and it was repaired the following Wednesday at the end of the day. Total bill was $1708 and change. With a three warranty it was not covered. However there have been 94 complaints on the vehicle model of which 39 were for the power steering rack. Other Fusion models were fixed under a recall. I believe mine should also be covered by Ford because other models were covered. I am fortunate the power steering went out on a city street and not on an interstate highway while I was driving the previous week driving at 65 mph. I am 71 year old widow and do not drive recklessly. Many power steering racks last well over 100,000 miles. I really don't feel safe in this car anymore. I probably will be car shopping at another brand dealer.

- , Nekoosa, WI, USA

problem #40

Jun 022014

Fusion SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,504 miles

I purchased this car used. I have checked for any recalls and I keep getting the run around. There is no recall on the power steering on the 2011 Ford Fusion. That is bull to me. I can't afford to pay for this part to be repaired. People keep coming to me saying that they saw it somewhere that it had a recall, but when I took it to the Ford place they said no.. This is their mistake. When they built this car they put in an electric pump. I would like some justice. That means it needs to be repaired by the company that produced these cars. I am not the only one this has or will happen to..The car is a very nice car, but this is ridiculous. So I am asking the courts to reconsider..

- , Erwin, NC, USA

problem #39

May 092013

Fusion LS 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,000 miles

We bought this 2011 Ford Fusion... everyone said it was such a great car, so we bought one....a few months after we bought it (used) driving down the road lost all control of the power steering. No warnings that it was going to go out, until after it did. Thankfully my husband was driving. I can't drive the car and we don't have the money to fix the problem and pay the payments. It is going to cost us 2200 dollars to fix it and we have done a lot of research and a lot of the Fusions and other models have the same issue they have recalled some of the other ones but not the Fusion and we think that this is a MAJOR problem and would like it fixed....

- , Gladewater, TX, USA

problem #38

Feb 142015

Fusion SE 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,234 miles

I have a 2011 Ford Fusion SE that I have not even had for a year, bought from an authorized dealership. The steering gear has to be replaced, there is a pending recall for the issues but upon speaking with Ford it seems my car is not on the list when it should be. I'm having the exact same issue in question but cannot get any help.

The error popped up on my dash and I immediately contacted my local Ford Dealer to take it in but was unable to make it there due to the steering completely locked up. No one wants to help or assist in the matter, all they can say is sorry. I mean, does someone have to die or be severely injured before something is done and sue Ford before any action is taken. It is a very serious issue. Luckily I was not on the interstate with my two children when the steering goes completely out.

These companies should be liable and held accountable for their faulty and poor work that they have done putting these vehicles together. I will never in my life purchase another Ford vehicle, they are unsafe and Ford does not want to take the responsibility for them. Where is the justice? For a single poor working mother like myself there is none and there response, we are sorry. Sorry doesn't fix my vehicle or keep my family safe when we pull out onto the road in a vehicle that we think is safe.

- , glasgow, KY, USA

problem #37

Jan 072015

Fusion SEL 3.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,400 miles

I dropped the car off today again for having the steering lock while trying to drive. This is the second appointment this week but at least this time they seemed to find the problem. My car has a little over 45000 miles so I guess I will have to get rid of it before I reach 90000.They said it was the power steering rack that needs to be replaced. I hope this works. I guess I will find out tomorrow when my red lemon is ready.

- , New City, NY, USA

problem #36

Dec 302014

Fusion SE 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles

The car was in motion when the power steering failed. No prior warnings. Luckily we were only traveling at 25 mph when it occurred. The Ford Fusion 2011 SE has the electric or electronic power steering assist. Now the error message says to service immediately. I saw similar problems of this nature on YouTube. The fix suggested a simple turn off turn on of the ignition. No help for my problem. Ford is recommending total replacement of the rack or ,"gear box," at a cost to me of $2,000.

I heard the federal government NTSB is investing but I am very upset at the cost of this repair and now the potential safety of driving this car. I now have a at payment parked in my driveway that I can,t ethically sell to address this problem. This is my third Fusion in 5 years, ( 2011, 2013, & 2015) and 9 Ford vehicles lifetime; I am headed to Toyota.

- , Stockton, CA, USA

problem #35

Nov 262014

Fusion SEL 3.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,760 miles

On November 26, 2014. I was leaving the grocery store and the steering was hard to turn, the dashboard lit up and ad had power steering fail asst. I had to drive home with this problem which was very hard and could have cause an accident. I took it to the dealership ( Natchez Ford Lincoln Mercury) Natchez,MS. The estimated price they gave me was around $1,562.00 plus tax. to replace the electrical steering system.

I called the Ford Corporation and they said by it was not under warranty and I would have to have this part replaced. I feel that this is a default on their part and I should not have to pay for this part. I will assure you that I will report this problem to the Department of Highway Safety. Many lives will be in danger with this malfunctioning going on in these Ford Fusions.

- , Natchez, MS, USA

problem #34

Sep 152014

Fusion SE 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,850 miles

On Sept. 25 steering out again.I'm 64 years old and I am afraid of this car . I take my 3 older sisters to their appointments & to do their errands I need a dependable car. Don't trust this one. Car is still in the shop at a ford dealer. Ford Motor company should be aware of these problems. Very dangerous.

- , Knoxville, Tenn., USA

problem #33

Sep 152014

Fusion SE 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,778 miles

On Sunday Sept. 15 my steering went out on my 2011 ford fusion. Had it towed to the shop on Monday Morning. Got it back on Friday Sept. 19. It cost me 677.14 because with the warranty I purchased it does not cover labor.With a problem as serious as this you would think Ford motor company would be responsible for the repairs. No rental was given.

- , Knoxville, Tenn., USA

problem #32

May 052014

Fusion ESL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 53,134 miles

I was the owner of a 2011 Ford Fusion AWL SEL V6, which I bought because of top reviews by car reporters for safety, performance, reliability, careful consideration and many test drives with most models in the range. It was a lovely car meeting all my expectations until my first steering failure. With the second steering failure I began to believe that this car was a threat to life.

On May 5, 2014, my wife returned to the car after running an errand only to find that the steering would not work.The car was towed to the nearest dealer: Steele Ford Lincoln, Halifax, NS Can. Two days, $2,600.00 lighter in the pockets and a new steering rack, we were on our way prepared to forgive and forget and move on as just bad luck.

This lasted until Sunday, Aug 3, 2014 when my wife and I were touring with friends. Bells went off and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree directing me to pull over. I parked the car. Again there was a power steering failure. A tow truck was summed while we struggled to find transportation back home. Again the car was taken to the nearest Ford dealership: Mahone Auto.

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014 I was contacted by Mahone Auto, The mechanic stated that the codes had been reset and the car could be driven but the "rearward/half front lower control arms needed replacement". Cost c$700.00. I informed them that I would take the car as is and get back to him later.

I phoned and wrote a letter to Ford Canada detailing problems with no satisfaction. I also contacted Steel Ford Lincoln Halifax. I explained the second breakdown. They stated that they would talk to Mahone Auto and contact me later; which they did. I talked with the head mechanic. He stated that Steel Ford disagreed with Mahone Auto. I asked " if this is the case; to explain the second breakdown", with no satisfaction.

I questioned the replacement of the rack and other electronic steering problems with this car that I had been reading about online. I requested a second look at the car because I no longer felt "safe at any speed". His reply was: We can't do that, because it is now working."

We continued to disagree about the obvious fact that there was something clearly wrong with the steering on the Fusion and my concern about a failure while driving on the highway at high speeds. He assured me, that it would not happen, and if it did, I could muscle it over to the side.

I felt so unsure of this car that I decided to purchase another car. Not wanting to unload it on some unsuspecting person I took it to Steele Hyundai Halifax and made a trade for a new Sonata and then told them about the problems with the Fusion as would be documented at Steele Ford Lincoln who were across the street.

Ford has not acknowledged any fault with the steering in the Fusion to me. They requested detailed information at the time, but there has never been any follow up.

Ed McClare Hubbards, NS Canada


- , Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada

problem #31

Oct 072014

Fusion SE 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,000 miles

Got in car to go to store, pulled up to stop sign, gased car to pullout on highway at about 30 mph the steering locked, hard to turn or maneuver, lights come on dash to service power steering now. We fought car to turn around in parking lot to go back home, which was a nightmare for a 50 year old woman as your trembling with fear of being broke down on side of road at night. Got home, made calls to Crest Ford in Flatrock, MI. for diagnosis of another problem with this p.o.s! Tow to dealer for a cost of $50 because dealer said, after 2 hrs of my wasted time, it needed a new RACK AND PINION, that will be about $2000!!!!!!!!! Not covered under warranty!

I don't have that kind of cash, so, they said they temporarily reset something in the whichamajigger to offset problem for temporary and that didn't even come with ajar of Vaseline or tube of k-y gel to ease penetration into my #$*()+= wallet! OUCH! Tried calling Ford (screwed up) Motor Company for sympathy/empathy with my problem and they said same, No Warranty mam, #UP YOUR NOSE, WITH RUBBER HOSE.

I'll never buy another American made automobile! Problem is still on and off, scary as hell to drive this nightmare! Looking for best cost online and hoping my friendly mechanic can lower cost and help with payments to fix and drop this p.o.s off on some other undeserving soul, SORRY!

- , Rockwood, MI, USA

problem #30

Sep 012013

Fusion SEL

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

For no particular reason, upon getting in the car one morning the power steering failed to work.

- , New Richmond, OH, USA

problem #29

Oct 242014

Fusion 3L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 59,000 miles

This has happened about 6 times in the three years I have owned the car. The rack and pinion assembly was , I seem to remember, replaced about two years ago, but the problem has recurred three times since then as far as I can remember, In each case I merely had to restart the car to fix things. Such an intermittent problem cannot readily be shown to the Ford repair place, and it has never been known to happen while driving at highway speeds, only at start up or at very low speed soon after starting. To recover my procedure has been to put car in neutral if it is moving and restart the engine so the steering is turned on.

- , Irvine, CA, USA

problem #28

Aug 162014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

Ford should be responsible for replacing the steering rack and pinion in my vehicle due to what I believe is equipment defect. The power steering in my vehicle is out and what the Ford dealer estimated repair is outrageous and the part itself is going to cost over $700.

- , Round Rock, TX, USA

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