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problem #30

May 272019


  • 23,000 miles
From stop to 30 mph intermittent hesitation. Dangerous when trying to merge for don't know if car will move or not. It 'bucks' from start to acceleration intermittently. From low speed to try to accelerate doesn't always want to accelerate. Dual clutch seems to be the problem and maybe something else. Hyundai service did nothing to help with this problem, just 'live with it'. would they like their teenager driving such a car?? some times car lurches forward too instead of hesitation. Gas mileage terrible too. Not getting what they said, 18-20 mph, once in awhile 25 or 30.

- Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

problem #29

Jul 012019


  • 20,500 miles
I have a Hyundai Tucson SE plus 2.0 liter has almost 21K miles. I started noticing an issue a few weeks ago where it will not accelerate from a stop or slow crawl. I've had some frightening situations where taking a left turn in an intersection there is delayed acceleration as much as 2-5 seconds with on-coming traffic. The problem is exacerbated with the ac on and undrivable unless I turn the ac off at the stoplight/stop sign. I've tried adding sea foam to a full tank of gas thinking it was dirty fuel-injectors, but no improvement. My brother has an identical car with 31K miles and called me today of having the same issue. The only common denominator is it has been hot (85-90 degrees) during the day. When the temperatures are lower in the morning, I do not notice the problem as much, but it remains sporadic. Also, I experienced the car shifting at unusual times. I recently had an oil change at the Hyundai dealer, and I mentioned the issue. They could investigate the problem for a price which I was not inclined to do, mainly if no code was triggered and it is under warranty. My brother is taking his Tucson next week, and I will wait to see what comes of it. It is not a coincidence that two identical cars would experience the same issue at the same time. Having read several complaints on NHTSA and other forums, I believe this is an issue Hyundai is not addressing. If Hyundai can't fix this soon, I will turn the car in when I lease is up in a year.

- Greendale, WI, USA

problem #28

Jul 122019


  • 27,433 miles
My Hyundai Tucson has almost 30,000 miles on it. About two weeks ago we began having an issue with delayed acceleration. We were driving normally through town and stopped at a stop light. When the light turned green I pressed the gas pedal and nothing happened. I pressed the pedal all the way down and still nothing happened. The engine did not rev or anything, suddenly after 3-5 seconds the car lurched forward and began accelerating. This happened dozens of times.I took the car in to the dealership as soon as I could. After a day with the vehicle the dealership said that there was nothing wrong. After getting the car back and driving it for about 30 minutes the issue returned. I again took it to the dealership. The service manager kept the car for 3 days and drove it about 80 miles over those three days and said the problem never happened while he was driving it. The failure to accelerate happens sporadically. Some days it will drive fine and other days it will have the issue the whole time IżM driving it. We have also had a few instances of the vehicle shifting incorrectly and over revving while driving on the highway. The acceleration issue is very dangerous and already almost caused me to get T-boned multiple times. It's not safe for my family.

- Battlefield, MO, USA

problem #27

Jul 282018


  • 74,000 miles
July 2018 car began making noise when turning on and backing up. The noise went away when I began to drive. Took to dealership for oil change and they couldn't diagnosis the problem. Problem began getting worse, mentioned it at next oil change. Now mind you, I drive a lot!! car is 2 years old and has 83K. Between July and December 2018 the car received minimum of 4 oil changes all done at the same dealership who says it's normal even when I complained of smelling gas. After returning to va from mi, the lights on the dash all turned on while driving, speedometer jumped where ever it wanted if it wanted to move at all. Took to nearest dealership, diagnosis was bad vacuum pump. It was replaced and said all my driving issues and gas smell would stop. Nope....took back in, diagnosis is faulty exhaust manifold. Replaced. Two weeks later it starts to act up again like it did the first time.

- Wyandotte, MI, USA

problem #26

Apr 172019


  • 32,689 miles
***engine taking too long to start - smart key*** in some cases it takes too long the engine to start. Engine starter is working but is like the injectors are not supplying gasoline to the engine. It could be over 7 to 10 seconds starting the engine until the engine is running. After that I opened the hood and I found some oil stains on the valve cover. Also where the PCV ventilation is it looks like there is some oil vapors coming outside. Engine is the 2.0 gdi (nu engine)

- Santa Isabel, PR, USA

problem #25

Apr 062017


  • 20 miles
1-al arrancar el vehiculo de manera ocacional SE queda ahogado no, no inicia Y si lo hace no alcanza la marcha apropiada, como si pasara un exceso de combustible O como si este no SE estuviera inyectando. 2-) al arrancar en trafico congestionado donde SE producen arranques Y frenados Y viceversa el carro lo hace con bastante dificultad, golpeando fuerte parecido a transmision, son golpeteos de arranque Y retroceso a la vez, creando la sensacion de un vehiculo que no va a avanzar.siempre lo hace en movimiento despues de estar caliente mas de 30 -60 minutos en marcha.

- Paterson, NJ, USA

problem #24

Dec 142018


  • 18,000 miles
Dual clutch transmission (dct) / 1.6T engine start from stop acceleration stuttering, stalling occurs from initial take offs, while idling in stop/go traffic creates potentially dangerous drive/passenger situation in traffic especially when crossing traffic patterns and lane merging/passing. Issue has been brought to the attention of Hyundai corporate and two local Hyundai dealerships. Both parties indicate lack of knowledge on how to properly drive dct transmission and provided both video and written training packages. Both training mechanisms failed to resolve the issue. Supposed software updates by the leasing dealership failed to resolve the issue also. Issue is still active and latest visit to dealership failed to find any issues with no repairs or software updates taking place. Senior technician indicated Hyundai leadership at corporate are acutely aware of issue but choosing to not act accordingly/appropriately.

- Parker, CO, USA

problem #23

Jan 012017


  • miles
I'm writing this in regard to the issue I am having with our Tucson we bought new about 2 years ago. From early on it seemed the transmission loses power/ chugs. Hyundai sent out a survey about a month after we bought the car and I stated my issues then. My wife has had it in the dealership to have this looked at numerous of times just to be told they reset the transmission, can't find the issue or Hyundai is aware of this issue and looking into it. But looking in to this online seems this has been going on for quite some time. This issue is a safety concern as it loses power/ chugs when turning left in to oncoming traffic or when passing someone. At this point seems Hyundai usa is giving us (and others according to online) the run around. I would like to get this issue resolved quickly.

- Elkhorn, NE, USA

problem #22

Apr 022018


  • 18,000 miles
Vehicle frequently, intermittently, stalls during take off from a stop. When accelerating from a stop sign or traffic light vehicle will simply roll as if it is freely rolling in neutral but is not receiving any power or acceleration from the engine for approximately 3 to 5 seconds before engine/drivetrain engauges and vehicle accelerates. This creates an extreme safety hazard when you have the vehicle in an intersection and accelerate to make a left turn in a gap in traffic and end stuck in the intersection or in front of an oncoming vehicle because the vehicle is only rolling and not accelerating. This issue has been reported to Hyundai usa corporate who has chosen not offer any remedy and has it stated to me this is a "characteristic of my vehicle.". Hyundai usa has continually referred me back to the dealership, who does not have a fix for this issue. Hyundai usa has even place the blame for this issue on the dealership. However the issue here is that Hyundai usa engineers have not admitted to having this problem or created a fix to this problem to roll out to the dealership to allow them to remedy this problem. This identical issue has been reported and issued as a recall in prior models of this vehicle, yet Hyundai refuses to do anything on this model

- South Bloomfield, OH, USA

problem #21

Jul 222018


  • 11,000 miles
The contact owned a 2017 Hyundai Tucson. While driving 55 mph, the contact noticed a fuel odor inside the vehicle and all the warning indicators illuminated on the instrument panel. The contact exited the vehicle and, minutes later, it caught on fire. The fire department extinguished the fire and a police report was filed. The vehicle was towed to a tow yard and the insurance company deemed the vehicle a total loss. There were no injuries. The manufacturer was notified and stated that someone would come out and inspect the vehicle. The dealer was not contacted. The failure mileage was approximately 11,000. The VIN was unknown.

- Sulpher, LA, USA

problem #20

Oct 182018


  • 29,000 miles
The stupid car lurches forward when trying to accelerate and quits in the flow of traffic and intersection. It is a piece of garbage as it endangers everyone in the vehicle. A 2 to 3 second pause with the accelerator pushed to the floor it does nothing and the idiots at edwards auto/ Hyundai don't care all vehicles should be recalled and removed from service until they fire the moron programmers and fix the computer, software, brake and accelerator sensors. Fact is the car's computer isn't fast enough to process the sensors. It is a danger to myself and if iget hurt the federal government wont have enough money to pay me for failing to take all tuscons off the road and put the board of directors in jail for public endangerment.

- Valley, NE, USA

problem #19

Apr 052018


  • 25,000 miles
Upon pressing the gas pedal from a complete stop, or while driving at very low speeds (less than 20 mph), vehicle hesitates to accelerate for 2 to 3 seconds. After the 2 or 3 second pause, car finally accelerates with very high RPM's.

- Farmingville, NY, USA

problem #18

May 212018


  • 2,400 miles
My truck is unpredictable. Sometimes there is a big delay when you press on the gas. Also, it excellerates when you least expect it for instance, turning into a parking space, all of a sudden it learches forward fast. It is extremely dangerous on the highway when cars are stopped behind you at a light. You never know when it does it. Sometimes on a cold start, sometimes not. I took it to the dealer and I was told it's because it has a double clutch. If that's the reason, why didn't it do it when I first got it. It started around 1900 miles. At first, I thought it was because of snow and slippery roads, not so. It's scary but what's even scarier, I will be paying for it for the next 5 years so I can't get rid of it unless I get killed in it. It only has 2400 miles on it. Truck was always in motion, sometimes even backing up in the morning it's in slow motion with a big hesitation.

- Freehold, NJ, USA

problem #17

Feb 102018


  • 4,875 miles
2mois et demi Aprè's L'achat le gps qui change de langage, il montre plus les Détailles, aucun signe de circulation ou autres et pourtant le deux premier mois tous fonction bien, pas de son dans la radio, je ne peux pas fermer les portes, J'ai du la fermé manuellement, L’arrière de la voiture qui S'ouvre toute seul, J'ai éTé pour faire des achats a mon retour J'ai trouvé L’arrière de la voiture ouverte (coffre) et pourtant J'ai bien Vérifié avant de rentrer dans le magasin puisque ce N'ai pas la première fois que le problème ce pose, J'ai informé le concessionnaire il me dit que C'est moi qui a appuyer sur le bouton par erreurs, je L'ai informé que ce que je me suis dites la 1er, 2eme et 3eme fois mais Là C'est plus que 10fois, hier C'est L'ouverture du toit qui ne veux pas S'ouvrir complètement, J'ai essayé aujourd’hui mais rien il S'ouvre a moitié, le gps il redeviens comme avant, chaque jour une nouvel chose que faire"??"

- Montreal, NY, USA

problem #16

Oct 152017


  • 7,000 miles
When accelerating from a stopped position, the vehicle would go into first gear and accelerate for a few seconds, then would try to move up to a higher gear and get suspended for about 5-7 seconds as if it could not find the next gear. This has happened 2-3 times so far. Also, when I have tested the response of accelerating by pressing the gas while traveling at a low speed, the vehicle would not respond as expected. On several occasions, I pushed the pedal to the floor and the engine only responded as if I was slightly accelerating. I have a 1.6 turbo. Additionally, I have had the lights on my dashboard go out - except for my radio/navigation system. I suspect this had to do with a sensor as it was dusk and my lights tripped some electrical or software defect. I was going down a major highway around Washington D.C. at the time and could not see any of the driving controls for approx 20 seconds. I am not sure if my headlights went out at that time but eventually, after flipping my lights off and on and pressing the dash light to maximum, the lights on the dashboard returned. Last week, the audio of my radio/navigation system would not work. After leaving my car and locking it for about 20 minutes and returning, the sound was working again. I took a video of this. The temperature in my vehicle was not regulating properly while stationary. The dealership said there was a bad sensor and replaced it. It has worked great since then. However, I am still having major problems accelerating from a stopped position from a red light or turning into a road, or accelerating from a very slow speed. My vehicle is now in a second dealership trying to resolve this issue that still lingers. This is causing me to feel very insecure about driving my vehicle. I am second owner. First owner had only put 2500 miles on it and traded it in. Probably a bad sign.

- Orlando, FL, USA

problem #15

Apr 212018


  • 17,900 miles
My 2017 Hyundai Tucson has been experiencing extremely dangerous acceleration issues that I would like to bring to the attention of the ntsb. The vehicle will experience lack of acceleration when merging onto highways and/or making turns that require acceleration. The vehicle has done this on several occasions where I was unable to control the vehicle with oncoming traffic. I have also been very close to being rear-ended and/or T-boned due to these acceleration issues. This is a very dangerous condition that is hazardous to not only the owner's of these vehicles, but also to other innocent drivers in their path. Apparently Hyundai and Kia vehicles are known to have this issue and have been mentioned in recent online forums. I reached out to Hyundai moments ago to address this issue with them and I am hoping they will respond to me with a fix and/or solution to this hazardous condition. My vehicle is going to the dealership again tomorrow 4/23/18 for this same issue. The last time I took the vehicle in for this issue I was told there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. It just happened again the other day and I was yet again put into a very "close call" situation. I have a young son and I do not feel safe in this vehicle with this condition occurring intermittently and unexpectedly on the roadway. How many people need to be hit due to this obviously known issue with these vehicles? my vehicle tends to do this more often when merging onto a highway where more acceleration is required; however, I have also experienced this problem when slowly accelerating from being stationary at traffic lights, stop signs, etc.

- Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

problem #14

Mar 232018


  • 7,100 miles
Any time from a stopped position or just accelerating while moving; I get lag or no acceleration at all. I have a Tucson turbo. My husband took this vehicle into be looked at in October and the dealership hooked it up to a computer and reset something to help regulate the acceleration. Learning the driving is what he was told it was doing. It helped for a few days maybe a week but then started back to having issues. My husband took it in last Friday & was told that this is how it's supposed to be. The guy in the service department wouldn't even look at it and told my husband that he has this conversation at least 2 or 3 times a week. He didn't look at it or record our concern. This is dangerous. I've almost been in an accident. I purchased this vehicle for safety and this is not safe!

- Kennesaw, GA, USA

problem #13

Sep 132017


  • 5,000 miles
I have owned the Tucson since 1/25/17.there is a lag/surge issue when excelerating. Not all the time, but seems to be happening more lately. In hindsight this situation had happened but I thought it was just getting use to the new vehicle. When I brought it in for service I mentioned it on a couple of occasions. I was told it was due to the dual clutch and the vehicle was "operating as intended". I find that hard to believe that when you are sitting at a stop light and step on the gas when the light changes it lags then surges into the intersection. Or, stopped in traffic and when it is time to move forward, lag and surge almost hitting the vehicle in front of me. As well as merging onto a highway and lagging as traffic is coming at you at 65 mph and you are lagging and hoping not to be hit. I find it hard to believe that Hyundai wants their vehicles to be running in this manner. I have been in touch with Hyundai customer connect and they send me back to the dealership. When I first got on to your site there wasn't as many reports as there are today. This is a very dangerous situation and I don't want to be a statistic. I have owned several Hyundai's over the years but never their SUV. I am keeping a record or every time this happens.

- Clinton, MA, USA

problem #12

Mar 092018


  • 1,000 miles
At various times during driving the car's engine will feel like there's no power or no gas and will go into a stall. This has happened both during accelerating from a stop going into traffic and during driving and accelerating. I have inquired at the dealership(fucillo Hyundai) and the service department suggested to use 93 octane, that was almost a year now and still happens sporadically. This is a very unsafe condition especially while pulling into traffic and the car goes into a "stall". researching blogs this is happening to other owners and is not isolated to me.

- Schenectady, NY, USA

problem #11

Feb 152018


  • 1,500 miles
Hyundais dual clutch system in my Tucson is very unsafe. I was not aware of issues until 2.5 months after obtaining the vehicle. From a dead atop at times it will not accelerate and only run up rpms. Other times in traffic it will also not accelerate and run up rpms. Doing a google search this was a huge issue in 2016 models but no recall was ever done for the 2017 models happens about 1 to 3 times per week. Could lead to serious injury accident.

- Mankato, MN, USA

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