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problem #1

Feb 082017

Cherokee Altitude 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,000 miles

Hello, I have had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life with Jeep/Chrysler Financial. I currently lease a 2015 Jeep Cherokee which since February 2017 has gone in to what Jeep calls "Limp Mode" four separate times while driving. Limp Mode is what happens when the vehicle has a major electrical error, which causes the vehicle to no longer allow for acceleration, all emergency indicators on the dash come on, brakes become stiffer the more pressed, power steering becomes almost none existent and the vehicle suddenly slows down to 10 MPH with no indication to any vehicles behind the Limp Mode vehicle. The incident happen on February 10th to my wife which we immediately called the dealer. Which were instructed to bring the vehicle in for service which we did. The following day the dealership came back with a thermostat issue, which if anyone knows anything about cars knows that couldn’t be the cause. The dealership also stated that they flashed the computer multiple times. The next day we are advised to pick up the vehicle, and of course that night now the Jeep Cherokee starts to over heat. Once again we immediately called the dealership to have the vehicle repaired. The vehicle was in the shop for about four days. The dealership advised they flashed the computer again and replaced the thermostat. The next day as we were driving the vehicle down the local parkway when suddenly the Jeep goes into Limp Mode once again while we are doing over 50 MPH. Remind you the vehicle suddenly jerks and slows down to 10 MPH rapidly with no brake indicators. We were lucky not to hit our face into the steering wheel or windshield that's how dangerous Limp Mode is & also very lucky to not have been rear ended by the vehicle behind us. We immediately called the dealership yet again, which we were advised to have the vehicle towed over an hour away to the same dealership. Two days go by and the dealership states that everything seems okay with the car as they reset the computer, however on the second day the Limp Mode happens to the dealerships mechanic while he was performing a test drive, resulting in the mechanic having to have the car towed back to the dealership. The dealership states they would like to get a Jeep Master technical involved as they have no idea what the issue is.

At this point we decided to call Chrysler/Jeep to see if it's possible to turn in the vehicle we were intending to keep for the long run. The vehicle is too dangerous to drive it could potentially lead to severe injury and/or a fatality. Jeep stated unfortunately the lease is a binding agreement that if terminated would effect our credit negatively, plus we would have to pay all these extra charges. We were called by the dealership a week later to come pick up the vehicle once again. The dealership stated they couldn't find any issues with the vehicle and the only thing they could think of to do is reseat the wiring harness as they believe that it was knocked loose by changing the thermostat. However remember how I stated that this happened before the thermostat issue? Yeah exactly. We called Jeep once again, and tried to work out a deal with them before pushing into arbitration. We spoke with the dealership again who also tried to help us speaking with Jeep about the issues. The dealership said they really need the Limp Mode to happen again FOR A THIRD TIME before they can say it was not fixed.

Well one month later the dealership got their wish as once again the vehicle goes into Limp Mode. Instead of calling the dealership first this time we called Jeep directly to start a case with them for review. We didn't hear back for a few days and our first call was with a gentlemen who advised us that our case manager would be someone named Raven. About a day later Raven called me to get the basic information. Raven advised that she would need the vehicle to go back to the dealership so they could do more diagnostics. So we quickly set that up with the dealership and the vehicle was brought in for diagnostics right away. The service manager at the dealership stated he would call us once he had an update. Raven and the service manager spoke that Friday, so the dealership started work. Raven stated that Jeep would reimburse us for a few months of payments and give some additional compensation for our troubles. The following week I received a call from the service manager that we would need to come pick up the vehicle as Raven is being unresponsive and due to insurance purpose the vehicle couldn't sit in the parking lot waiting for Raven's response. The service manager did say he spoke with a Jeep Master Technician who stated that they believed their was a electrical ground issue. However we still need to come pick up the vehicle. We immediately went and purchased another vehicle from a different manufacturer.

For the next week we called Raven's extension multiple times, left multiple voice mails and gave up after her voice mail actually stated "Do not leave anymore voice mails as she was not going to listen to them". Literally stated that in her voicemail box. At this point we reached back out to customer service and asked for a new case manager and explained our current outstanding issue. Three days after we make the call to customer support Raven calls and offers for us to trade in the vehicle for another Jeep product or to purchase another Jeep vehicle. We stated to Raven that we didn't feel confrontable with the Jeep brand any longer as there has been no resolution, the customer service from Raven her self had been terrible, that we requested a new case manager and that we would like to speak to a supervisor. Raven stated that none of her previous offers were options and that she couldn't help us anymore. We stated over and over to please put us in touch with a supervisor as we were not happy with her poor work ethic. Raven consistently talked over us and refused to get a supervisor until finally Raven put us on hold. Raven left us on hold for over 20 minutes before picking back up only to disconnect the call. When we tried to reach back out we were sent to Raven's voicemail.

About 3 days later a supervisor named Penny contacted us. We explained the situation with Raven and how we would like to be assigned a new case manager to review the vehicle as a full diagnostics was never completed due to Raven's lack of communication with not only us but the dealership as well. Penny stated we would be dealing with us directly now and she would contact the dealership right away. Penny also agree Raven's behavior was very poor, apologized & insisted that this was not the type of service that their company typically provides. Penny immediately called the service manager at the local dealership, however unfortunately he was away. Penny called me back to let me know he would be back the following Monday & if that was okay with us that she would reach out to him then. I said that was not a problem we understand & looked forward to hearing from her. Penny stated the vehicle would be going back into service when he returned and that she would calling me the following week. Well a week goes by and the service manager returns we hear nothing from Penny. We contact the service manager and he states no one has tried to reach out to him. A week later I get an email from Raven stating that she is our case manager and Penny is no longer involved. We response to the email stating Penny stated she is now our case manager so we prefer to work with her. Raven states that is not the case. However later in the week Penny calls us and leaves a voicemail stating they are offering a settlement. We immediately tried to call Penny back, however was met with an answering machine. We try again the next day, and get a voicemail message stating Penny is no longer checking her voicemail. So we call the customer support line again, and leave a message to have Penny call us again.

The following Monday we receive a voice message from what sounds like Raven that is all distorted from Raven's end. Completely tell it was done on purpose. Thought that it was a fluke however then Raven did it again. I then send an email to the previous email link provided to have Penny reach out to us. Two day we hear nothing back, and we get a survey in our email. I call customer support to find out Raven closed the case. Raven's case notes argues that the dealership was unable to reproduce the issue, however as stated above we all know they were able to. We ended up calling customer support again which the representative understood the issue and reopened the case. The representative requested to have Raven removed as a case manager for the third time. Well yesterday Raven decided to call me once again, and stated that Jeep was offer one month payment for a settlement. We asked Raven to please put us in touch with Penny, which Raven's reply is then you accept the settlement. We told Raven no, and to stop putting words in our mouth as we never stated that. We would just like to speak with Penny before any settlement terms are agreed upon. Raven then stated that means we don't agree to the terms, which again we stated please not to put words in our mouth as we never made those comments. However we are requesting to speak with Penny as she was the one who called us a week ago to offer the settlement, so she is still working as our case manager. Raven then started to over talk our statements and was blurting intangible remarks out, yelling, and becoming very rude. Raven then abruptly ended the call.

So here we are today with a 2015 Jeep Cherokee that is way too dangerous to drive. The vehicle has been sitting at our home for nearly 3 months not being able to be drive AT ALL while we are still making payments. Now we have a second car we have to make payments on and we have had nothing but the absolute worst customer service from Jeep. We have never witnessed a manufacture who put out a bad product become some negative towards you when a consumer doesn't want to purchase another vehicle from them.

- Jayson H., Wappingers Falls, NY, US