pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
54,800 miles
Total Complaints:
24 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. replace transmission (13 reports)
  2. the transmission was replaced (7 reports)
  3. not sure (4 reports)
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problem #24

Nov 172019

Sentra SV 1.8L

  • CVT transmission
  • 114,000 miles

CVT (Transmission). This issue came without warning. There have been continuous complaints about these transmissions.

- Ramon S., Accokeek, US

problem #23

Jul 062020


  • CVT transmission
  • 94,033 miles

The transmission completely failed. Other issues we've had include the car losing power in traffic, almost causing an accident. The transmission slipped out of gear when we were driving on a major highway, in traffic, almost causing another accident. The car has also lost power while on the highway. I opened a case with Nissan but they refuse to pay any portion of the $4017.27 bill to replace my transmission.

- Brenda L., Virginia Beach, VA, US

problem #22

Mar 052018


  • CVT transmission
  • 60,550 miles

This CVT transmission is a piece of crap. I had it replaced once and less than two years later, it's starting to mess up again. Of course its past the warranty so we will have to pay to fix this piece of crap. Nissan should do right by their customers and recall this crappy transmission. I will never buy another Nissan because of this.

- 15nissansentrapos, Wendell, US

problem #21

Feb 062021

Sentra 4 Cyn

  • CVT transmission
  • 53,000 miles

Transmission failed while driving - didn't make it out of the driveway. Car has 53,000 miles currently and when I bought it, it had 47,000. Did 2 oil changes. Dealership will replace the cvt tranny under extended 80,000 manufacturer warranty, which ends 7/21.

- James G., Norfolk, US

problem #20

Aug 072019

Sentra SV 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 66,000 miles

Transmission problems: heating, smell, loud noise - high RPM and did not switch to higher gear. Very frustrating because we were forced to spend thousands of dollars on extra-coverage. With second transmission, after 15,000 miles it is doing it again.

- Luis R., Albuquerque, US

problem #19

Feb 082020


  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,150 miles

My 2015 Nissan Sentra only had 49150 miles on it when the transmission failed and left me stranded alongside a busy highway at night with a child . Warranty wouldn't cover it and the replacement failed as well. This is a nightmare. I loved my car but is not worth all this hassle. It has been in the shop longer than it has. Been out.

- Jonni B., Redding, US

problem #18

Oct 012018

Sentra SR

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

There was an issue with my transmission from the day I bought it. Under 100 miles the same night I got it the car down shifted 3 times on the interstate going 70 mph. Like someone pulled the ebrake. Then I could not duplicate the issue ever again. 30k later my transmission would go through all the gears on take off giving me zero power. Took it in and the local Nissa dealer replaced it. Fast forward to 60k and its slipping. Funny how this is happening again and last time I went to the local dealer for my oil change.... They didn't even put any oil back in. This particular dealership I would never go back again for anything.

Even had a sales men get mad at me for not buying a car when my Sentra was having the transmission replaced. They gave me a base model Versa to drive while my car was in the shop 2 or 3 weeks. Yeah if that's what you want to give me I will upgrade elsewhere.

- Susan G., Hendersonville, US

problem #17

Sep 032018


  • CVT transmission
  • 44,000 miles

Transmission noise, grinding, another crap cvt transmission. Do not purchase cvt transmissions, too expensive and not many re-builders can rebuild them, it requires different tooling. I do not know what percentage of cars that have been built fail, but there are many.

- Matt K., Fairfield, US

problem #16

Jul 012018

Sentra SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 84,000 miles

Nissan's CVT transmissions suck. They're faulty. They die and require a complete replacement. The Nissan dealership (Conicelli Nissan in Conshohocken PA) quoted me $3900.

When I first brought the car in, the service manager told me there was a trans fluid leak. They failed to alert me to the problems that Nissan has with their CVT transmissions and the cars inability to cool the system.

The dealership pitted themselves against the manufacturer in an attempt to confuse the matter.

- seanpdoyle, Philadelphia, US

problem #15

Jul 262018

Sentra SL

  • CVT transmission
  • 66,000 miles

Classic Nissan, makes no attempt to help fix their mistake whatsoever. Very disappointed.

- Trevor P., Johnson City, US

problem #14

May 302018

Sentra SVT 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,000 miles

I am so disappointed. I bought a brand new Nissan Sentra not even 6 months after owning this vehicle I had to take it in for repairs for what I am certain was a Transmission, well they said there was nothing wrong. Few weeks after that same issue so I took it in again and they said oh it's the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Well a month after that same problem, take it in again and they say oh it's only an Oxygen Sensor I believe they said and replaced it.

Well guess what? Month later I am driving with my wife and 2 young children ages 11 & 6 on a very busy 4 lane highway suddenly same exact issue car will not accelerate above 35 MPH and then stalls out in the middle of the highway causing my family to literally miss getting rear ended by a Semi by maybe a foot, again I was nearly certain it's the Transmission have it towed there and again they say no, this time it's the Throttle Body.

I have wrote corporate, my local dealership and all they keep saying is the Warranty is now up, however, if the problem persist the will cover it. I am literally petrified to put my family back in this 🍋 lemon and now it literally sits in my driveway reminding of what a poor brand is. Bought the vehicle brand new and for 2 years it's been in the shop half a dozen times or more for the same issue that they keep saying is something else when I am certain it is the transmission, so I am stuck with a lemon and the payments on a lemon that myself nor my wife are comfortable driving for fear of the next close call with a semi becoming reality thanks Nissan for refusing to admit it's the Transmission and replacing every part in the car but the transmission.

- Jose A., Riverview, US

problem #13

Jun 062018

Sentra S 1.8L I4 Dohc 16v

  • CVT transmission
  • 36,000 miles

I’m posting this about my young daughters car. As a father I thought I was doing my best to help her get into a car that keep her safe. I saw all the complaints about the CVT transmissions but the 2015 didn’t have that many complaints so I had hoped that Nissan had worked out most of the issues and the car would be safe. I was wrong.

She does alright and drives as safely as possible as long as everything is right with the car she is fine. But she is not the strong, confident driver that we adults are and this car completely lost power on a major highway. She was able to pull it over, let it set for a while and then was able to make it home. The problem occurred at about 30 minutes into a 45 minute drive from work.

Next day we took it to Nissan and they said it sounded like the CVT problem and a few days later told us they would be replacing it under the 5/60K powertrain warranty. They supplied a rental vehicle which was good and the care should be better for a while but what about the next 30k miles or 2020, whichever comes first. I have thinking about buying a 4/48K Nissan Ext warranty but neither of us have any confidence that the CVT will last and not leave her stranded again.

She’ll probably keep the car awhile longer to build some credit history, but the plan now is to get rid of it sometime next year before 2020 or 60,000 miles. Just don’t think we will ever be able to fully trust this CVT transmission to keep her safe. I’m sure Nissan executives and employees have children like mine and should be ashamed of themselves for not trying harder to resolve this problem once and for all.

- Ronald B., Austin, US

problem #12

Apr 082018

Sentra SL 1.8L

  • CVT transmission
  • 62,000 miles

My car got a new transmission at 1.5 years old and now at 3 years old the transmission is acting up again.

This past weekend, the car hesitated to accelerate, it at one point would not go into a gear. It would shoot up to 4500RPM and sit thee. I would have to physically let off the gas and hit it again to coax it into gear. It then would not go below 3000RPM. It was downshifting very hard.

It is now sitting at the dealership to see if there are indeed more transmission issues.

- Ashley S., Converse, TX, US

problem #11

May 212018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,500 miles

My car started choking, stopping, jerking in drive and finally completely cut off. The place where I took the car for repair says the transmission is completely gone and needs to be replaced. I cannot afford this type of repair and it is my means to earn an income.

- Kevin A E., Washington, US

problem #10

Mar 262018

Sentra SV

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,641 miles

I have bought New 2015 Nissan Sentra. It's April 2018 and my transmission has been replaced. Transmission failure happened while driving on state route, luckily I didn't encounter any accident. After fixing this, my family is hesitating to use this car.

I feel, this car is not a safe car for a family, and I don't have a feel that I am driving a safe car. Any recommendation to get rid of this piece of junk.

My car went through Nissan Safety recall once. I have taken good care of my car by doing on-time service. I have complained about the service recommendation which these service centers sell to customers in the name of Nissan, but Nissan totally dis-owned it. Mileage on my car is 55,000 miles, so far I've paid $1056 (5% on total car cost).12 towards dealer service & Mechanical Service Contract $1806 (9% on total cost). Put together so far I have paid 14% on total car value towards car maintenance.

- Sivakumar R., HUntley, US

problem #9

Jul 212016

Sentra SL 1.8L

  • CVT transmission
  • 28,000 miles

Back in 2016 my car started making a knocking noise in the engine. I already had issues with hard down shifting hesitation of the acceleration. Thinking I maybe had a nail in the tire I took to Firestone. They said tires were all fine they suspected it to be my bike rack. 1. The noise was coming back from the front not the back and 2. I took the bike rack off before going to confirm this was not the case.

I then took it over to a Nissan Dealership who had it all day long. They said nothing was wrong with it and I could come pick up. When I left the dealership to go back to work, the car would not shift out of what would be considered 2nd gear (so 40 miles an hour or so) Being on the Freeway with people going 70 made this very difficult. So I took it back and they kept it overnight. They said they needed the transmission light to come on so they could get the code from it. (this NEVER happened)

They finally ended up changing out the transmission and all was good.

- Ashley S., Converse, TX, US

problem #8

Feb 052018

Sentra S

  • CVT transmission
  • 35,000 miles

In the beginning of February, as I was traveling down the interstate, my car lost all power. The accelerator was not responding. I coasted to the side of the road and called my friend who has knowledge of these things. After checking this and trying that, he told me to put the car in drive and see if it would go. It did. I brought the car to the Nissan dealer that night, explained what happened, and dropped it off. The next day they called and said the mechanic found no codes and did not experience the problem. So not fixed! The very same day as I was driving home the same thing happened. I called them when I got home and they told me if it keeps happening to bring it back. I have been back to the dealer four times now, I even took the mechanic for a ride with me and of course the car drove fine. Nothing has been done to fix this problem. I keep getting the same old story about how they can't fix it if its not throwing any codes. It is a dangerous problem as I sometimes cannot accelerate when pulling out, or when passing, climbing hills etc... How do I get them to acknowledge this issue as my warranty will be expiring very very soon?

- kjf2720, Columbia, US

problem #7

Mar 012018


  • CVT transmission
  • 10,000 miles

My transmission started going out and my 2015 Nissan Sentra at 10,000 miles, I took it to the dealership several times and they just gave me a runaround and said it was a sensor and easy to fix but it kept happening in happening, they eventually put in a rebuilt transmission in, it was okay for a while and now this transmission is going out. They do not want to put in the second transmission. The dealership says that it's not uncommon for this cars to need Transmissions very quickly because they're not made to drive a lot of miles. Which I drive a lot of miles for my job. I still owe $15,000 on this car that has nothing but problems I'm so upset.

- Victoria P., Castro Valley, CA, US

problem #6

Nov 122017

Sentra SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 76,420 miles

CVT transmission has been slipping intermittently since probably around 70,000 miles. Dealer diagnosed that transmission needed to have sub-assembly and control valve replaced at an estimate of $3,254.69. Declined repair at this time.

- Tobbie C., Lowell, MA, US

problem #5

Sep 202017

Sentra SV 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,000 miles



- bodlong, Middle River, US

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