really awful
Crashes / Fires:
6 / 1
Injuries / Deaths:
2 / 0
Average Mileage:
75,995 miles

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problem #43

Sep 182014


  • 106,000 miles
Was driving when the traction control light came on and message came across saying service traction control: Then check engine light started flashing rapidly at the same time. Follow by a very loud knocking noise from the engine. Then speed would not accelerate. Turned on flashers and coasted into parking lot. Vehicle had troubles restarting and would not move. Steering wheel was hard to turn. Tries to die while idling after you get it to start. Did diagnostics and code P0300 random misfire detection power train unable to establish a link to the vehicle. Fuel system 2 is ol, lift at 0%, spark plug 13.5, fuel level low 38.8, ECU 14.417, low acceleration. Contacted local Chevy dealership and was told it will cost $35 to tow it to their shop and about $85 just to run a diagnostic on their machine. If it is a lifter the cost will be over $700 to get fixed. I purchased this automobile in August 2013 and have just had it a year. So now I have a car payment on a car that doesn't run. I bought it at wk motors in sedalia, mo. This is the second time this car has had issues and without a warranty the dealership wont do anything!!!

- Lebanon, MO, USA

problem #42

Aug 302014


  • 126,000 miles
I cranked my 2009 Chevrolet Impala leaving a nearby gas station and the message service traction control flashed, then engine power reduced, and the check engine light came on. My car drove sluggish home at a very slow speed. Luckily I was only about 5 minutes from home. The next morning no message was displayed and the check engine light went off. I took it to advance auto parts and the code P2127 was displayed twice - throttle pedal position sensor. I see most of these complaints are similar to mine I just happen not to be on the highway. Is GM investigating this because this is serious with multiple occurrences?

- Atlanta, GA, USA

problem #41

Aug 122014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 128,000 miles
Traction control light comes on. Power is reduced. Car runs and drives well. Driving on interstate the light comes on and cuts power. I had to coast to a stop on the side of the highway. We waited 5 minutes and the car started. The light went off for a day and then came back on. I hear of people replacing parts and the problem not being fixed. I can't afford to do that.

- Des Moines, IA, USA

problem #40

Mar 312014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 52,000 miles
The first time was about three months ago in March 2014 but the engine never died then. It just had less power and was better the next time I started the car. Don't know what the mileage was then, maybe about 52K. It happened a couple times that same week and I was going about 40mph. I asked about it in April when the car was inspected and was told they didn't see any problems but that it might be a sensor going out. Then, on July 4th in the mountains in Missouri was the next time, going about 70 mph downhill and this is when it died with like 3-5 second warning. First the light comes on that says service traction control then it says engine power reduced and dies. Nothing works except the brakes. This happened again on 7/12, going about 70 mph again, died again. Was in the middle lane on freeway and nearly got hit as my car barely moved and had hard time getting to the side of the road. The car did not die, but had very little power, steering was very hard and I felt like I was in extreme danger both of these times. This needs to be recalled!!! so many other reports of same problem not just in the 2009 but later years, where the manufacture should already know this is an issue, but keeps making the car the same way. This is a total outrage!!! I cannot get on the freeway feeling any security and don't have money to keep making costly repairs on this vehicle. Many other problems with this car, but not safety issues at this point.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

problem #39

Jun 172014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 93,000 miles
I was driving on the highway and suddenly lost speed and the engine light came on and also a couple of messages. "reduce engine power" and "service traction control". I have encounter a lot of Impala owners with the same problem, which leads me to believe is a manufactures mistake.

- North Little Rock, AR, USA

problem #38

May 102014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 75,000 miles
While I was driving the service stabilitrak and reduced engine power light came on as well as the check engine light. Luckily I was going slow did not lose engine power. I turned off the car the service stabilitrak and reduced engine power lights were not lit but the check engine light stayed on. When I got in the next day the check engine light was not lit. There were no lights on no check engine for about a week and then it started coming back on again. It has started again on a more recurrent basis. I have read threads about this issue and I'm very disappointed that GM has not done anything about this. I have read threads on this issue on your website and apparently it is a problem with the Impala.

- Port Orange, FL, USA

problem #37

Feb 142014


  • 58,725 miles
In February 2014, the traction control and ABS warning light began coming on, in my 2009 Impala, when making a left turn. The lights began to come on more frequently and would stay on for longer times. I took the car to the dealer and they replaced the left hub. This solved the problem for about a month and then the traction control and the ABS warning lights began appearing again. Each time the lights would stay on for a longer time. The car is now in the shop for the second time for this problem.

- San Jose, CA, USA

problem #36

Apr 282014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 48,000 miles
While driving the car displayed "power reduce". then the car slowed down by itself. The next day the car lost power. Today, the car is stating the same thing and signal turn themselves on, and once the car is off the doors want lock you have to manual lock the doors. The car have been jerking while driving and making a funny noise.

- Quincy, FL, USA

problem #35

Apr 112014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 92,320 miles
I was driving my 2009 Chevy Impala traveling at about 45-50 mph when the "reduce engine power" message came up followed by "check traction control". the car then became sluggish and slowed down to about 15-20 mph. It then shut off without warning and it seems as though the power steering went out. I had my daughter in the car with me and thank god traffic was light because with that happening it was an accident waiting to happen. I am concerned because it seems like this has been a common problem with this car for a few years and there has not been a recall yet. Is GM waiting for someone to die. No one seems to be able to pinpoint what the problem is and I don't think it's fair that someone has to pay money to fix what may be a problem. Something needs to be done because this is not safe at all. I see a lot of Impala in my town and it's scary to think that at any time this can happen to any one of those cars, mine included, and seriously hurt or kill someone. GM needs to step up and do the responsible thing for the people who invested their money in the GM brand.

- Hinesville, GA, USA

problem #34

Jun 132013


  • 65,000 miles
When I drive all of a sudden the check engine light comes on with a reduced engine power warning and a message to check stabiltrack. After three or four shutting engine off and restarting the car the light goes off from anywhere to 3 or 4 days to maybe a month or so. It is intermittent. The dealer says it has never heard of that happening and I can't believe that. My car hasn't stalled as of yet but I am concerned of the safety of my passengers and myself.

- Marcy, NY, USA

problem #33

Oct 122013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 62,963 miles
I have had numerous problems with my 2009 Impala. From the very beginning with only 100+ miles on it and the problems continue today. The dash will say reduced engine power and as I was going down the road at 55 miles an hour my car just shut off. I was able to get it to the side of the road and just sat there wondering what was going on. It wouldn't do anything, it was just completely off. I was about to call for aaa and tried one more time and it started. This happened again in November of 2013 as well and I was going 45 on a country rd. Again I was able to pull to the side and sat there and waited again. When this happens the car will do nothing. I have problems with my traction control, making a strange grinding type noise and bogs the car down from moving when I am trying to accelerate from a stop or trying to turn either left or right. I have had problems with my air bag lights coming on and telling me to service my air bags. It comes on and goes off and comes on and goes off. The dash light will come on and tell me to shut engine off now for low oil pressure, this has happened for 4 years, the car is 5 years old. This car was never a good car from the very day it came off the lot.

- New Castle, PA, USA

problem #32

Feb 192014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 104,122 miles
Was driving car and traction control light came on and then check engine light. Lost power and brakes. Car was able to stop but very hard. Glad nobody was in front of me or I would have it them. This is very dangerous and I think there should be a recall on the throttle body and sensors. I did have it fixed but had to take it to several dealers to figure out if it was the accelerator pedal or the throttle body.it was the whole throttle body unit.

- Janesville, WI, USA

problem #31

Jan 222014

Impala 8-cyl

  • 80,020 miles
The problem started in January of 2014. As I write this I want to say that I have read all the blogs on my complaints and see that I am not alone which forces me to ask GM why is it that we all see the elephant in the room and you people are ignoring it. Suffice to say this problem is a safety issue would be the understatement of the century. When will GM step up to the plate and make these issues a priority so there customers don't have to waste time writing complaints like this one. It's really very simple my engine light is on along with the stabilitrak light as well as the car losing all power. Now if GM feels this is not a good enough reason to create a recall I fail to see what is. People just like me have been complaining about this for years and GM does nothing. Along with GM being at fault the dealerships are raping there customers while they go thru a laundry list of items they think might be the problem for these codes. I for one cannot afford the dealership prices nor will I pay these so called experts good money after bad to try and fix problems that they really have no idea as to what's causing them. I originally bought this Chevy B/C I wanted an american car for a change, man was I wrong. As soon as I fix this heap I will sell it before anymore lights go on and go right back to Honda where at least I know they stand by there cars and it runs way into the six figures before any real problems occur. I'm one of the little guys that bailed out GM and by the way were still paying taxes for that bailout. How about it GM, don't you care about us at all?

- South Amboy , NJ, USA

problem #30

Feb 102014

Impala 6-cyl

  • 57,000 miles
What happened is the vehicle traction control triggered and reduced the cars functionality and speed. It cleared itself, but what concerns me is this problem is prevalent in GM Chevrolet vehicles ranging from 2005 to 2011. It is listed many times here in your data base to your organization. Our lives and safety are involved here. Focusing on charging a fee to do an investigation is deplorable. Lives are at stake here. This should not be another american after the fact occurrence or event. What happened to proactive responsibility. These american car makers produce junk cars and the consumer constantly get stiffed with lemons. States lemon laws? nothing but american lemons are rolling off of the production lines. You think, this may be why other countries will not buy our products. There is no reliability in what is produced or manufactured and the customer service is lip service. Non - existent with these car dealers and pure sales rhetoric. Your site reads: The information you provide will be used to identify potential safety-related defects or determine the adequacy of existing safety recalls. I can't afford the repairs, pay for an investigation as well. I am not pleased with how the ball keeps getting passed or dropped. NHTSA these poorly produced weapons weigh tons. Rolling down the poorly maintained highways and streets of this country endangering us all life and limb. My vehicle has the same problem with the traction control that forces my car to brake, pull to the right and slow enough to endanger my well being. I'm truly scared and concerned here and the repairs and code lights aren't reliable. Only the repair shops are winning. The problem keeps repeating after thousands are spent to keep the car running. I need this car for work. If it cant get me there then they will come and take the junk back I am trying to maintain. Thank you

- Tracy, CA, USA

problem #29

Jan 012014


  • 49,500 miles
Stability/traction control system activates for no reason. This causes a spontaneous major reduction in engine power. This happened while passing a semi-tractor trailer on an interstate. Fortunately, I was able to get to the side of the road and stop. Shutting the engine off for several minutes apparently allowed the system to reset. This has happened about a dozen times since. Had I been passing on a 2-lane road, it very likely could have caused a head-on collision.

- St. Charles, MO, USA

problem #28

Dec 112013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 79,905 miles
I was driving down hwy 50 on a clear dry day and the engine lite comes on with the traction control warning, saying engine power reduced. Then the power shut off including the steering causing me to pull the car off into the dirt off the freeway. Due to this my front bumper got cracked. This problem is now a re-occurring problem.

- Fair Oaks, CA, USA

problem #27

Jun 072013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 65 miles
Driving 65 on freeway car slows down to 40 check engine light says service traction control.

- Arlington, TX, USA

problem #26

Dec 272013

Impala 8-cyl

  • 90,100 miles
While my wife was driving (with my three kids as passengers) at highway speeds the message was displayed in the dashboard "reduced engine power" and "service traction control" messages were displayed. The vehicle immediately last power and the speed was reduced to less than 30 mph, while on the highway. She was able to navigate to the shoulder and call me for assistance. By the time I got there and started the engine it was running normally except for the "service engine soon" light was lit. I took it to the nearest Chevrolet dealership who immediately stated it was a faulty electronic throttle control and would cost $580 to replace. I searched on-line and found dozens of complaints exactly like this one for 2008-2012 model Impala'. there is not a recall on this problem so the customers are getting charged to fix this faulty Chevrolet device. Someone is going to get killed if they do not recall this device.

- Kansas City, MO, USA

problem #25

Jul 192013


  • 98,000 miles
After getting new brakes put on my car, the low tire pressure light would come on for different tires. It was random and after checking the tire pressure they were all fine. The light is on all the time and when I check my tire pressure on the dash panel they all four read 0 tire pressure. I have to check them manually which sounds petty but I paid for this option I should be able to use it. My remote car starter doesn't work because this error message is on. I've had it reset and it comes right back on. I wad told the wheel sensors were broke when getting the brakes fixed and that they cost around $100 each. There has to be some way to make these so they don't get broken while getting normal maintenance done so I now have a huge additional cost that far exceeds the cost of getting the brakes.

- Ravenna, MI, USA

problem #24

Jun 122013


  • 61,000 miles
While driving my 2009 Chevrolet Impala in a 55 mph zone, a series of warnings appeared on the dash: Engine power reduced, service stabilitrak, check engine. Immediately the car would not accelerate, and speed decreased to about 10 mph.

- Dover, DE, USA

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