really awful
Crashes / Fires:
2 / 1
Injuries / Deaths:
8 / 0
Average Mileage:
90,236 miles

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problem #47

May 082013


  • 48,000 miles
I was driving up a steep hill on a blind corner in my neighborhood today when the engine suddenly shut off. This is the first time my Escape shut off while I was accelerating. It stalled five other times in the past, each as I came to a stop sign or red light. The incidents are completely random with no warning, so I have no idea if next time will be at a red light or on the highway going 55 mph. When it shuts off I noticed that the dash flashes the battery and oil lights, but the battery is new and the oil is fine. I also noticed that when I'm idling in below freezing weather the engine will shudder, sometimes violently, but eventually stops when I start moving again.

- Fairbanks, AK, USA

problem #46

Aug 012013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 150,000 miles
Started engine and power steering was not working. Looked up in manual and it said it will go into manual steering if power steering get hot. This has happened a few times but then the power steering would work after each occurrence. Now the steering chatters and shakes the steering wheel even when in park and engine off.

- Posen, MI, USA

problem #45

Nov 272013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 76,000 miles
Im driving, then, the vehicle start to stop. And no have power to continue. I shoot off the ignition and put on again and continue my travel.

- Lares, PR, USA

problem #44

Nov 232013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 59,000 miles
I was stopped waiting at a red light at the top of a very steep hill. The light changed to green and I let my foot off the brake and went to push the gas and my Ford Escape lost all power and stalled. The battery light and oil light came on as it stalled and I started rolling backwards down the steep hill. I had no ability to steer the car and I also didn't have any brakes, I tried to slam the brakes as we were accelerating more quickly downhill but I had no control. In a matter of seconds my SUV veered off the road and hit a brake wall and at that impact my entire vehicle flies over onto the drivers side and stopped. The side airbags deployed and I was unable to open any doors. A passing car stopped and helped my son and I out of the back hatch.

- Montville, OH, USA

problem #43

Nov 242013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 85,505 miles
Our 2009 Ford Escape has lost it's power steering, while I was driving, twice this week. It was nearly impossible to control the vehicle, yet it was still running. It is electric power steering so there is nothing that can be done to prevent it (I initially thought my power steering fluid must be low). The first time it happened, on Friday, I had it towed to my mechanic. Nothing showed up on the dashboard at the time and nothing showed up on his scanners. When the truck was started again the steering worked fine. We decided it must be a fluke. We only have 85,505 miles on the vehicle. It just happened to me again, while I was driving. My husband was supposed to drive to our friend's house North of boston (we are South of boston). He cancelled. It terrifies me to think of what might have happened to him at high speed on those highways. We got on the internet and discovered this is a very common problem in 2008 & 2009 Ford Escapes. It turns out the entire steering column needs to be replaced to fix the problem, average cost is $1500. Ford is aware of this dangerous life safety problem yet has not issued a recall. Do people really need to die first?

- South Weymouth , MA, USA

problem #42

Nov 142013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 60,280 miles
Vehicle suddenly lost power and slowed down. Symptoms match what others report to be a bad throttle body which Ford has changed design of. Has happened twice now. Ford says we have to pay for this repair but it sounds like it should be a recall.

- Aiken, SC, USA

problem #41

Oct 252013


  • 90,000 miles
While driving my 2009 Ford Escape (V6) home from work, my car lost acceleration. The engine was still running, the lights still worked, radio on, power steering, but I had no acceleration response from the gas pedal. I was able to coast my car onto a side road without incident, and noticed the service light was on before turning my car off (wrench symbol). I waited for a few moments, and tried to restart the car. To my surprise, the car started up immediately, and I was able to drive home without further issue. I took the car to a local auto shop to have the computer checked to see if the error was still in the system, but it was already cleared. Two weeks later, while driving home from a vacation weekend, the car did the same thing, except this time I was driving on the highway at 70mph, three hours from home with my son in the back seat. To say I was rattled would be an understatement. I was able to get to the side of the highway, turn the car off, restart the car and rejoin traffic. Roughly 1 hour later, the same thing happened. I immediately took the car to the nearest Ford dealership and dropped the car off for inspection and service. The dealer was able to pinpoint the issue to the electronic throttle body, and determined it needed to be replaced. $375 and 24 hours later the car was fixed. No issues after having the car back in my possession for two weeks. I wanted to issue an official complaint, and express my dissatisfaction with Ford Motor Company for knowing about this safety issue, and dragging their feet on issuance of a recall. The delphi manufactured component was known to be flawed, and had issued a technical service bulletin (tsb) 09-23-5, and re-engineered the component. I am a loyal Ford driver, but I fear Ford's lack of ethical conduct on this issue may be cause for reconsideration of future purchases.

- Cincinnati, OH, USA

problem #40

Oct 062013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 78,800 miles
Driving and vehicle kept acting like it was stalling while trying to drive. Knew that the gas was not low, so wasn't sure what the issue was. Made it to destination and called mechanic. Brought it in to the shop, still with intermittent stalling while driving. Ran a test and said that the throttle actuator control system was stuck open - this has seemed to be a problem with Ford Escape vehicles. Got it fixed with no incidents, but could have been worse.

- Grand Rapids, MI, USA

problem #39

Oct 112013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 85,500 miles
As I was driving and the cruise control was set the road I was traveling had slight hills. It seems as though when the car went to down shift and speed up is when it lost power and went into limp mode. The last occurrence was on 10-17-13 while I was driving on a flat road. I had to brake for traffic when I went to accelerate is when it lost power and went into limp mode.

- St. Paul, MN, USA

problem #38

May 092013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 60,000 miles
I was driving on a city road and the engine randomly died when I was traveling about 40mph. All the lights and radio/electronics remained on (never lost time or preset radio stations, headlights, dash, etc) but as I tried to give it some gas, it wouldn't respond. When I realized the engine was not running after a few seconds, the rpms were at 0 and the battery light and oil light was on. No codes thrown or check engine or wrench light. As I pulled over and put it in park, I attempted to start it, and it started right up like nothing was wrong. Didn't "cough" or crank and crank...fired just like it was brand new. I took the vehicle in to a local body shop and they checked normal issues that would cause the Escape to randomly shut off and did not find anything. Then I did research and determined there was an investigation upon the throttle body. This same issue has happened a total of 3 times, of which the most recent was in July and September.

- South Milwaukee, WI, USA

problem #37

Sep 292013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 59,060 miles
Faulty electronic throttle body vehicle lost power twice while my wife was driving home - extremely dangerous situation. Engine remained running but all power lost. Had vehicle towed to Ford in hopes the repair would be covered under extended powertrain warranty or via technical service bulletin. No.... this is astounding to me - a quick google search will tell you there are many issues with this part across multiple Ford models. This was a $340 repair, for a faulty part, and one which puts people in potentially extreme danger. Please conclude your investigation asap.

- Bloomington, IL, USA

problem #36

Sep 222013


  • 59,300 miles
After waiting at a red light, my vehicle travelled about 100 yards. The engine shuttered, accelerator pedal was unresponsive, and the engine rpms dropped to 900. I pulled to the side of the road and turned off the car then restarted it. Everything was fine, except for my confidence, for the next 6 miles. While driving 45 mph, the engine shuttered, wrench light and check engine light illuminated, and rpms immediately dropped. Same unresponsive accelerator pedal. I then put the car in neutral and coasted to a side road. I turned the car off and waited a couple of minutes, enough time to call my wife and let her know to be ready to come pick me up if my car wouldn't make it home. I restarted the car and 7 miles later I was home with no problems. I have not been to a mechanic or called Ford or anything of that nature as this has just occurred within the last couple of hours.

- Johns Island, SC, USA

problem #35

Sep 122013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 53,481 miles
Driving along and the vehicle kept slowing down, kept pushing on accelerator but stopped going. Got off the road and shut down and restarted, vehicle ran okay. This happened three times. Dealer says the electronic throttle body needs replaced.

- Mineral Wells, WV, USA

problem #34

Sep 072013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 75,000 miles
The throttle body on my 2009 Ford Escape failed while entering a public interstate via an on ramp. The failure occurred while accelerating. The effect was the vehicles engine was shut off, causing a rapid deceleration on a fairly busy on ramp. I was able to pull my car over to the side. Placed it in park, turned key off and back on, and was able to resume my 8 mile commute to work. Later, while driving the vehicle, the same issue occurred twice within a fifteen mile period - both times while accelerating, the engine shut off in traffic. Three times in one day, had not seen this issue ever prior to last week. I took the car to the dealership where they diagnosed it as a failed throttle body. The car has been in the shop since 9/4. today I was contacted and told the part was on nation wide backorder, and wasn't expected until 10/31. Internet forums suggest there are thousands of vehicles awaiting this part right now. Having the engine unpredictably shut off is a potentially dangerous situation to have while driving. There is a known issue within Ford and their dealer network, but to date, no recall has been issued. The delay in parts accessibility is dangerous, and could result in people driving their vehicles with this condition while awaiting the parts arrival.

- Country Club, MO, USA

problem #33

Sep 042013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 82,000 miles
On the morning of Sept 4, 2013- I was making a turn at about 20 miles an hour. I had just about completed the turn when I was engaging the gas peddle to continue on, but the car was running and it wasn't going. I was able to coast off the road. I turned the car off. I started the car back up and had power from the peddle again, so I proceeded up the street only to have the same thing happen to me again, as I was turning at the next very busy intersection. I was lucky that there happened to be a gas station on the right side of the road. I pulled in and turned the car off. I contacted the Ford dealership where I purchased my car to have them come tow my vehicle, and verify the reason for the incidents. I was informed that it is the throttle body, and it will need to be replaced. The part is on back order, but I am paying an extra fee to have it expedited. I am very lucky that on both times this happened, another vehicle was not right behind me, because I would have been rear ended and possibly injured.

- Greenwood , IN, USA

problem #32

Jul 012011

Escape 6-cyl

  • 39,000 miles
I bought my car new in 2009. Summer of 2011, it started dying when stopped at red lights or any stops. It did this mostly when it was.25 tank of gas or less and the warmer the weather. I took it to three different mechanics and no one could figure out what was truly wrong. When they plugged it in all it says is emission problem. It happened so inconsistently it was hard to explain or diagnose. I had Ford replace a vapor sensor of some sort in summer of 2012 when it was doing it again. It has never ran the same since 2011 when I first had problems. Now it is losing power as I drive down the road. It loses power completely, you push the gas and there is nothing and I have to pull over or let it roll to a stop and it jerks or dies. I am taking it to Ford service tomorrow and once it is fixed I am trading it in and not buying another Ford again.

- Norman, OK, USA

problem #31

Aug 212013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 150,000 miles
While driving on the expressway at 70 mph the RPM dropped to approx. 900rpm. Pushing on the accelerator pedal didn't do anything. A indicator light on the dash came on it is the shape of a wrench. I had to pull the vehicle off the road. After I parked on the side of the road I shut off the engine and waited about 30 seconds then restarted the engine and everything was working fine. I went back onto the road and drove approx. 12 miles and it happened again. I repeated what I had done earlier and the vehicle was ok again. I got back on the road and I made it around 8 miles and I had another occurrence, again I repeated the shut off the engine on the side of the road and it again started and ran ok. Then I made it home!

- Mount Morris, MI, USA

problem #30

Jun 282013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 58,100 miles
While driving on a main highway on vacation out of state the Ford Escape slowed and would not accelerate to keep up with traffic. "wrench light" light on dash illuminated. It continued to run slowly and we pulled off to the side of the highway. Car restarted and ran normally over 100 miles to final destination. Local repair shop detected no "codes" but suggested a Ford dealer examine based upon history. Dealer confirmed computer issue with throttle body faults caused stall and replaced part. Total costs approx $300. No recurrence of stalls on highway.

- Hickory, NC, USA

problem #29

Jun 132013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 903,101 miles
After use and park, the Escape 2009 4 cyl. Do not start. Several times in between weeks with this trouble. Several hours later, start as nothing occur. In an electronic diagnostic, sent a code: 1260 and 1681. Starter is good and electronic ignition was recently changed thinking will stop the incidents but without resolving the issue. When the vehicle do the trouble, the antitheft icon keep blinking in the key on position. I changed the main key for the copy and keep doing the trouble.

- Toa Baja, PR, USA

problem #28

Jul 202013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 124,000 miles
Vehicle moving at constant 45 mph when engine stumble felt, electronic throttle control/powertrain light illuminated and lost all ability to control vehicle speed with accelerator pedal. Engine was still running and vehicle was able to be safely pulled off the main road. After turning vehicle off and then back on, the light went out and all systems were again ok. Problem was traced to the electronic throttle control (throttle body) and fix requires replacement of the part.

- N. Chesterfield, VA, USA

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